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This projet requires:

  • opencv >= 3.4.4
  • cmake >= 3.10

Installing the dependencies


Linux & OSX

From the root of the project:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DOpenCV_DIR=${tpTIBasePath}/opencv-3.4.13/build/install/share/OpenCV/ 

and then to compile

make -j$(nproc) 

All the executables are placed in build/bin


Create the Visual Studio Solution.

  • open a Terminal and go to the directory containing the code.

  • execute:

    • md build

    • cd build

    • cmake -G "Visual Studio 16 2019" -A x64 -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING=Release -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH:PATH=<opencv install path> ..

      Replace <opencv install path> with the location where you installed opencv (e.g. C:/User/Toto/Opencv)

    • dir

    if you had a different version of VS installed (not the latest) you may need to adapt the string Visual Studio 16 2019 to your version: e.g. Visual Studio 15 2017, Visual Studio 14 2015, Visual Studio 12 2013

  • if everything went well you should find a file named tpTI.sln inside the directory.

Compile, build, execute

  • open tpTI.sln inside VS either by double clicking on it or opening from inside VS

  • build the solution (Build Solution from the Build menu)